Annual Pressure Washing 3/1/2017

Fairway Oaks at Tuscawilla

Annual Pressure Washing Begins Wednesday, March 1st

Steve Morgan Pressure Washing, an Award Winning Local company that provides residential and commercial pressure washing & painting will begin cleaning the driveways, walkways, and front door area pads of Fairway Oaks homes.

The company is veteran and family owned and has been providing services to most of Central Florida since 2002 and is BBB A+ Accredited, licensed and insured.

Please take the time to remove all items from front door area pads and walkways and make plans to move your vehicles so that Steve’s staff may work quickly and efficiently. While the company uses a low chlorine process, it is vitally important to relocate vehicles and other items to avoid contact with any carry over spray. For liability reasons, areas on which items or vehicles have not been removed will not be cleaned.

The removal of rust, acorn, fertilizer, or oil stains is not guaranteed, although, Steve and his crew will work hard to deliver the very best result.

Driveways with white surface coatings are not included in our contract as they require a different, more time intensive, cleaning process. Homeowners whose driveways have been coated may individually purchase the service, required for coated concrete, at a cost of $75.00.

Additional, optional services for your home, patio enclosures, etc. are available at discounted pricing while the crew is in the neighborhood. Neighbors at 1223 and 1229 Oxbow Lane have used additional services if you wish to drive by and take a look.

Simply discuss your needs with one of the techs or telephone the company, at the number(s) below, to make arrangements in advance. Credit card payments, for additional service, are processed through PayPal, which charges a processing fee of 2.7%

Steve Morgan Pressure Washing & Painting
8430 Port Said Street
Orlando, FL 32817
Office 407-677-4731
Cell 407-415-1273

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. We look forward to a fresh, clean look for Fairway Oaks in the coming days!


Slow down. We’re moving too fast.

No Need for Speed…well, at least above 20 MPH!

Fairway Oaks is devoid of sidewalks and its tree-lined streets are frequently traversed by its residents.

From little ones, just learning about safety, to adolescents, free-wheeling on skateboards, cycles, and scooters or passing a football, or furry friends scampering about, right up to adults and elders making the round along Royal Oak and Oxbow, our quiet streets are rarely without some kind of activity.

A friendly reminder to residents and visitors alike is always in order. Please be mindful of our posted speed limit and ever vigilant for those whose attention may be distracted or whose hearing may be compromised.