Lawn service affected by early thunderstorms & wet conditions.

Fairway Oaks’ regular Thursday lawn service, on July 23, 2020, was impacted by early arrival of thunderstorms as well as extremely wet conditions in most backyards, especially those along Royal Oak Drive.

The lawn crew did their best to complete service on front yards. If homeowners notice cutting inconsistencies or incomplete service, it is simply due to the rush against arrival of thunderstorms.

Wet, soggy conditions in backyards prevented mowing. The crew will assess next week and mow when service can be provided without avoidable negative impact.

Weather related challenges and conditions are not uncommon during the rainy season. We thank you for your understanding.

Thank you.

Annual Meeting


The annual HOA meeting for Fairway Oaks has been postponed. In consulting with both legal counsel and management company, it has been advised to delay the meeting until the State of Florida and Seminole County enter Phase 3 of reopening.

Board members have inquired as to the possibility of a virtual, annual meeting but have been advised that our covenants do not provide for that as an option.

Please note that Don Asher Associates has named Nuria Esquilin as Fairway Oaks’ new Community Association Manager.

The next Board meeting has been scheduled for August 13, 2020, 6 PM to 7 PM. It is anticipated that the meeting will convene via teleconference. However, homeowners will be notified as the date becomes nearer.

Homeowners will also continue to be updated on the status of scheduling the Annual Meeting.

Stay well, neighbors!