Consistency is the key to maintaining the attractive aesthetic that has defined Fairway Oaks for nearly four decades.

The establishment and continuance of the ACC is defined in Items 13-15 of the Fairway Oaks Notice of Restrictions and Agreement of Maintenance. Further scope of the ACC is referenced in Items 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, and 30. The primary function of the ACC is to provide continuity and harmony of external changes or additions to individual properties with the community. The ACC is formed when the Board of Directors of the Fairway Oaks Homeowners Association selects an ACC chairperson; the chairperson then completes the ACC by selecting a minimum of two residents of the community, with at least one member also being a member of the Board of  Directors.

Prior to commencement of any changes to the exterior of a home or grounds, the owner is required to submit a description of the work to be done, using the “Application for Architectural Control Committee” form (page 5)(Download the Form Here), including sketches or working drawings as applicable. For example, a sketch would accompany a landscaping change; working drawings or blueprints, including exterior elevation(s) would be submitted for home additions or remodeling. In general, if any changes are to be made to the exterior of a home or its landscaping, approval is necessary.

This includes house or fence painting, new shingles, garage door replacement, aerials or antennas, mailboxes/newspaper boxes, fences, walls, shrubbery, and swimming pools. All submissions shall be approved/disapproved within 30 days maximum. Improvement schedules must includetime for ACC action prior to commencement.

The ACC is also charged with the responsibility of periodic property external inspections in conjunction with the property management firm. Inspections are performed semi-annually by the property manager and at least two ACC members. Some of the most common necessary repairs are painting of house and/or trim, painting or repair of fences, cleaning/repair/replacement of roof shingles, painting/repair/replacement of garage door, trimming or cleaning of flower beds and shrubs, and trimming of trees.

The ACC is responsible for choosing the colors for the homes in Fairway Oaks, along with garage doors, roofing and fencing materials. Any changes to these items are subject to a simple majority approval by homeowners at the annual meeting. The ACC chairperson is charged with the responsibility to maintain a set of paint color samples and color mix formulas. Additionally he/she will maintain a set of approved shingle samples and vendor product information. The garage door product manufacturers’ brochure will be available from the chairperson as well.

Below are links to currently approved architectural details for reference when updating or replacing existing décor. This information is intended for preliminary reference. Please refer to HOA covenants and contact the management company or board member before making your final purchases.