Application for ACC

Prior to commencement of any changes to the exterior of a home or grounds, the owner is required to submit a description of the work to be done, using the “Application for Architectural Control Committee” form (page 5), including sketches or working drawings as applicable. For example, a sketch would accompany a landscaping change; working drawings or blueprints, including exterior elevation(s) would be submitted for home additions or remodeling. In general, if any changes are to be made to the exterior of a home or its landscaping, approval is necessary.

This includes house or fence painting, new shingles, garage door replacement, aerials or antennas, mailboxes/newspaper boxes, fences, walls, shrubbery, and swimming pools. All submissions shall be approved/disapproved within 30 days maximum. Improvement schedules must include time for ACC action prior to commencement.

This simple process allows us to maintain the consistent appearance of our community and efficiently prevents potentially expensive errors with choices outside the confines of our HOA Covenants.

DOWNLOAD ACC Application Form fairway_oaks_acc_form