Garage Doors

All Fairway Oaks garage doors were originally varnished wood. This was changed about 1997 to painted trim color because of the continual maintenance demands of a varnished exterior surface and the wide variation in stain color.

Painted doors then allowed replacement with steel doors instead of the very heavy wood units, which have gotten extremely expensive in recent years because of a steep decline of their use in new home construction.

The approved steel replacement door is available at Home Depot and is manufactured by Clopay. The model number is HDG with the “Elegant” panel design. The door is 2 inches thick and has steel faces on both the inside and outside, with an internal insulation layer.


Clopay offers a convenient, online, Door Imagination System. Just snap a picture of your home, upload, follow their directions, and take the guesswork out of shopping for just the right, new look for updating your home!

Fairway Oaks garage doors do not have windows. Garage doors are painted to match the trim color of your home.

While the manufacturer Clopay is not mandatory, any alternate replacement door must match the panel design and panel count and must be evaluated by the ACC for compatibility prior to purchase and installation.

When selecting a replacement for an existing garage door, please refer to current building codes and required hurricane wind ratings.