Annual Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Begins Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

This HOA has contracted with David Pudles to pressure wash driveways and sidewalks, up to front doors.

Pressure washing is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, May 27th at, approximately, 12 Noon. Work will continue through Friday, May 29th until completion.

The contractor will move planters and decorative items, prior to pressure washing. Individual owners and residents will be responsible for moving those items back into place after the area has dried.

We encourage you to work with your, across-the-street, neighbors to park in each other’s driveways while work is being done.  Alternately, you may park on the easement on Northern Way between the sidewalk and street. However, overnight parking is not permitted.

Should you wish to opt out of this service or, if you prefer to eliminate a specific area, you must email David Pudles, no later than Tuesday evening with property owner’s name and property address.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. We look forward to a fresh, clean look for Fairway Oaks in the coming weeks.

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