Lawn Care Thursday, July 26, 2018

Soggy Conditions
Soggy backyard conditions made mowing inadvisable today.

Hello, Fairway Oaks neighbors!

Substantial rainfall over the last week, especially in the last 24-48 hours, left some areas of Fairway Oaks too soggy and wet to safely mow today without risking rutting or other potential damage.

After HLS owner, Steve Small, consulted with Don Helenthal, HOA President, it was determined that mowing was inadvisable today due to the heavy ground saturation caused by excessive rainfall.

With the exception of the backyard at 1200, homeowners along the even-numbered side of Royal Oak Drive will notice that their backyards were not mown today.

Some homeowners, on the pond side of Royal Oak Drive & Oxbow Lane, may notice that their backyards were not mown today as well. Determination was made on a yard-by-yard basis.

Normal mowing is planned to resume next week.