Annual Pressure Washing


Annual Pressure Washing Begins January 14, 2019

UPDATE January 12, 2019:

On Thursday afternoon, notices were posted on garage doors for the first homes which should prepare for pressure-washing services on Monday, January 14th.

The contractor will begin at 1258, working down the even-numbered side of Royal Oak Drive. The goal is 15-20 homes per day but is contingent on both weather and the varying time to complete each home.

Look for a notice like this on your garage door 24 hours prior to expected service.

2019 Pressure Washing Service
Posted on garage door, 24-hours ahead of scheduled service.

This HOA contracted service includes the pressure cleaning of driveways, sidewalks from the driveway to the front porch, and the front porch.

Should you wish to opt out of this service or, if you prefer to eliminate a specific area, please notify us by email before the scheduled start date of January 14th.

On the day prior to your scheduled cleaning, the company will post notice to your home so that you may prepare your property for the next day.
Cars, plants, or anything on the driveways, side walks, or front porches must be removed by the homeowner or resident. Failure to remove items may result in partial cleaning, around any item or the property, or, if damage is a concern, your property may be skipped entirely. There are no make up days!

Homeowners who desire additional services, above and beyond those being provided by the HOA, may individually contract with the pressure washing company at the homeowner’s expense.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. We look forward to a fresh, clean look for Fairway Oaks in the coming weeks.

7 thoughts on “Annual Pressure Washing”

  1. Karen, this sounds very good to me and I thank you for your efforts! Since I will only request that the first panel of my driveway near to our roadway be cleaned and nothing else on my property, is this where you want homeowners to respond and make their desires known? If not, should homeowners notify Don Asher c/o Treva or call someone with the Company doing the pressure cleaning? From this notice, my impression is that I should use this email to make clear my wishes.

    1. Barbara, I have forwarded your instructions for cleaning to Treva Erquitt, Don Asher. I am responding to emails and comments from homeowners in this regard and forwarding all to Treva.
      Karen Helenthal

  2. How will I be notified when the company will be on my property and how do I arrange to have my back patio cleaned at that time?

    1. Barrie, it is our understanding that the company will be posting a notice on your door. I will reach out to Treva Erquitt with Don Asher, as she handled the contract and communication, and get back to you with clarification. It is also my understanding that any extra services you request will be done after the contracted work on all homes in Fairway Oaks is completed. I will ask Treva for more info on that as well.
      Karen Helenthal
      Website Administrator

  3. I was left a notice on my garage for pressure wash on 1/18. As of today it has not been done. Is there a new date? Thanking you advance for your reply.

    1. Hi, Irene.

      It’s possible that the work on homes, prior to yours, were more labor intensive than anticipated. There seemed to be a smaller crew, as well, during the latter part of Friday. They were making their way around the inner loop and, we suspect, they should make their way to you on Monday. Have a good weekend.

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